Chirasu is the Japanese word "to spread out"
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The problems of onsite work

Onsite requirements for employees creates a number of challenges: Reduced talent pool for the company, Expensive & time-wasting commuting, Inability to respond to emergencies, Stressed employees who have less time with their families, Urban crowding and expensive housing, Stressed public transportation, Pollution and high energy consumption, 'Brain drain' from non-urban areas- Reduced economic growth in small towns and rural areas, Fewer career opportunities for women and the disabled.

The Solution: Remote Work

Whether you have a few employees work remotely occasionally or convert the entire organization to full-time remote work, the key is to do remote work well. With our method we ensure you are ready to meet the challenges such as:

Competitive Advantage

Companies that can do remote work well have a massive competitive advantage against those that can not.

Connect all over the world

Companies that are good at utilizing a distributed team can recruit talent from anywhere in the world and offer remote work as a perk. They can also save money on office space and commuting and more easily attract and retain a diverse pool of workers.

Help the environment

Remote work also lets companies reduce their carbon footprint and help foster a more versatile and sustainable economy.


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Chirasu rocked my world

How can you even hope to compete in 2019 when you're chained to a physical office. Chirasu helped me realize the potential of a location agnostic workforce in a way I never thought possible.

Drake Henderson

Absolutely love it!

Chirasu consultants are the best! They took my established robotics company to the cloud and beyond. Our workflow is streamlined and our employess love the freedom of working and living anywhere.

Nick Smith

How cool is this?

If we're sitting in front of computers 10 hours a day anyways, why not do it all over the world?

Aaron g johnston

Thanks Chirasu

When I can recruit from where ever I want, the whole game has been changed, my company couldn't have done it without Chirasu!

Tom Cook

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